"First of all, from the reception practice to remember Morse"

The Morse sound has been heard.

I only heard it , saying that only "Machine sound that flowed rhythmically" though it heard.

Communication "Morse" that "communication " and because of,
Can interact, "says"or "crypto"Did it feel like?

In any case, do not study it and know there is a fixed form.

Worth is imaged this.. reading and the memory of study desperately sitting at the desk.
However, if you study thoroughly…
Study should surely be happy.


Comfortably, if it is remembered as though it were a game.

It is "Morse Study" application program.

It practices with iPhone readily at a little free time.
It is possible to practice plainly by the mini game sense in the form one answer a question.


Then,It is an operation method explanation.

The operation arrives and is simple.
First of all, let's see from "English".

With A-E, F-J, and K-O because it is
When you push A-E…

It sounded it.
This "Sound of setting questions"
What is this sound? 

Then, only A-E becomes active as for the keyboard.

"What is this sound?" Let's answer because it was asked.
It answers with the keyboard.
Congratulations! It is happy.


…I want you ..following.. to set questions not pushing the button of setting questions separately.
…Naturally and the practice amount is improved because it is inadvertently put when it is set questions one after another.
Existing is Auto Start button in the speculation.

It opens for a little while after it is answered that questions is set pushing Auto, and it answers and the following setting questions sounds it in the automatic operation.
Even if the button of setting questions is not pushed, it is set questions by the automatic operation one after another.

When the Auto button is pushed again, it is not set questions by the automatic operation.

The Code button displays the sign of the sound of setting questions.
It will be possible to display it later usually (When not is in Auto) even before the answer though it is not possible to use before it answers at Auto (Because it moves to the following setting questions at once after it answers).

It is possible to ask it again even times how many by pushing the Repeat button.
Both are help functions by super-beginner's author for the beginner.

I'll stop talking about it now, because you've just got to see it for yourself. Seeing is believing, and you'll see why. Please see animation.↓


The explanation of "Speed" was forgotten.

This can be practiced by simply choosing "Speed of Morse a minute" speed.
The set speed is common to all. (The continuous sound reception excludes the test for two minutes. )
This time changes depending on the difference etc. of the length of each sound, too.
It is a rough speed and think the reference of the practice, please.
「Speed setting」↓


"50 single sound question test" is setting questions from ..alphanumeric.. 36 characters.
It starts by 'Start' button.
It is the same as the single sound practice, and advances by the form one answer a question.

It is "50 single sound question test" animation. ↓


Test for continuous sound reception and two minutes
Time is two minutes.
*The sound of setting questions takes every five characters.

「Test for continuous sound reception and two minutes」↓


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